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Employee Benefits for School Districts

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SCEC, in coordination with USI Insurance, is committed to providing protection, security and peace of mind by developing and managing high quality, cost effective insurance plans, risk management services, and employee benefits for school districts.

What sets USI apart?

ONE, a simple word with three powerful elements: The O represents our Omni engine; N is for our Network; and E for our Enterprise planning. Each of these elements is unique at USI, and how we bring it all together sets USI apart from the competition. We call it the USI ONE Advantage, or simply – USI ONE®!

How is the Network unique at USI?

Unlike other consultants, at USI we’ve made a very large investment in local resources and technical expertise that are networked nationally – over 6,000 professionals connected nationwide to build integrated client-centered account teams.

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SCEC, in coordination with USI, will deliver cost containment and avoidance strategies, leveraging robust analytics and deep expertise, to ensure that your benefit plans meet both your needs and your budget.