Discover how the USI ONE approach to risk management and employee benefits delivers customized, actionable solutions with bottom line impact.

USI Brings National Capabilities and Local Expertise

USI’s Midwest Region:


  • Champaign
  • Chicago
  • Itasca
  • Moline
  • Oak Brook


  • Elkhart
  • Fort Wayne
  • Muncie
  • Terre Haute


  • Overland Park
  • Witchita


  • Grand Rapids
  • Southfield


  • St. Louis


  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Dayton
  • Toledo


  • Allentown
  • Blue Bell
  • Carlisle
  • Erie
  • Exton
  • Harrisburg
  • King of Prussia
  • State College
  • Williamsport

The Leading Middle Market Broker: ~$2B in Annual U.S. Revenue

USI implemented programs have led to lower loss ratios, better plan awareness and aggressive support of consumer driven health plans. We are adamant about the advantages of a "single tiering" / flat pricing structure for all members.

The USI ONE approach to risk management engages specialists across a broad range of industries who are experts in dedicated analytics, underwriting, wellness and compliance who make up the region’s Technical Resources Team

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How does the USI ONE approach to risk management set USI up as a premier middle market property & casualty, employee benefits, personal risk and retirement brokerage and consulting firm?

ONE, a simple word with three powerful elements: The O represents our Omni engine; N is for our Network; and E for our Enterprise planning. Each of these elements is unique at USI, and how we bring it all together sets USI apart from the competition. We call it the USI ONE Advantage, or simply – USI ONE®!

Why is the USI Omni Knowledge Engine™ a game-changer in the industry?

The USI Omni Knowledge Engine gives us something fundamentally different to say. Omni, which means “all”, is USI’s one of a kind knowledge engine, created from all the years we’ve been solving clients problems (over 100), from all the clients we’ve served (over 150,000), and from all our professionals (over 6,000 in more than 150 offices across the United States). Omni is real time, interactive, dynamic and evolving, and customized for each client. We are able to bring unique solutions, explain them in terms that are easy to understand and we demonstrate how the solutions can have positive economic impact for our clients.

How is the Network unique at USI?

Unlike other consultants, at USI we’ve made a very large investment in local resources and technical expertise that are networked nationally – over 6,000 professionals connected nationwide to build integrated client-centered account teams. USI has more than 3,000 national property and casualty professionals including our personal risk and program teams and more than 2,000 national employee benefits professionals including our enrollment, retirement and wholesale teams. Small firms can’t match the breadth and depth of our local resources on the ground and large firms often keep the resources remotely in national practice groups. As a result of our deep property-casualty, employee benefits and retirement consulting expertise we are able to deliver the Omni solutions we customize for our clients.

What is Enterprise planning and how does it connect to the Omni and Network?

We’ve used the proprietary ONE process to create cost-saving programs and effective risk management plans with many clients and in many different areas – from companies looking to reduce the rising cost of employee benefit plans; assess their compliance with ACA mandates; help manage retirement plans; understand their exposure to cyber-attacks; manage natural catastrophe risks; to individuals seeking to protect their personal property and avoid potential personal

USI offers tremendous geographic and business diversity with offices in every state.





Our national practice committee distributes continuous insight on client solutions, and shares best practices across the country, so our local teams are always equipped with the latest knowledge and services.

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