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USI is a national insurance brokerage and consulting firm with over 150 local offices connected across the U.S. and a leading market position in all core businesses. The USI St. Louis, has been serving the local community since 1979.
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SCEC was established in 2005 exclusively for benefits administration for public school districts.  Since the inception of the program, SCEC has grown to 30 school districts and approximately 6,600 insured individuals. SCEC’s program is a self-insured consortium. Of the 6,600 lives, the highest percentage of membership is 9% by any one individual school.

We intend to grow with schools of like size to keep a consistent spread of risk. To provide consistent and accurate information related to employee benefits, SCEC utilizes an online benefits enrollment system.

SCEC Board is made up of the member schools superintendents. Board meetings are held six times per year. Each school has a representative Board member meaning all schools get an equal vote.

SCEC Legacy

The SCEC trend over the 13 years of the consortium is 2.1%. This increase figure consistently outperforms other consortiums throughout the state.

SCEC has the philosophy of having each member on the same rate structure. We do not individually rate schools or have rating tiers. The renewal is shared across all members, regardless of each individual school’s loss ratio.

Every school will have ups and down in terms of claims experience, so some years certain schools will supplement the loss of others, while other years, their own losses will be supplemented.

Some Features of Our Program:

SCEC’s Single-Tiered Program includes seven distinct medical plans to choose from. Each individual school district can customize the plan(s) they decide to offer from these options with HRA Deductible/Coinsurance Reimbursement programs. Our program also includes the following ancillary options: Dental, Vision, Life, Voluntary Life, Voluntary LTD and other voluntary worksite benefits.

One aspect that is highly appreciated is that we fully handle the annual (RFP) process. The structure set up by USI has become appealing to multiple carriers. We’ve successfully  had at least three bidders to evaluate  via aggressive marketing strategies.

As a consortium, USI strongly encourages and helps support wellness programs and activities at each of its members schools.  In addition, USI promotes an annual, consortium-wide “wellness summit” in order to distribute and share knowledge about healthy living.  We are also happy to consult with board members on specific health and wellness issues.

For the 2018-2019 school year, premiums have ranged from $390 to $616. Other features offered by USI’s program include:

  • In depth employee education of the health plan offerings
  • In depth claims analysis
  • Network discount analysis
  • Medicare retiree program
  • Promotion of and financial support for “Physician –Based” annual preventive exams

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